How to Decorate Your Lounge in Five Steps

    How to Decorate Your Lounge in Five Steps

    If you need a fresh and appealing decoration for your lounge, some things need your attention. Houseware and accessories you choose should be in the harmony with the color of the house, and various lightning options are necessary. In our article, we will give you five main ideas for the question of ‘’how to decorate your lounge?’’

    Choose a Proper Furniture for Shape of Your Lounge

    To achieve order in your lounge, choosing suitable furniture is one thing you should not compromise.

    Square Lounge Arrangement 


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    If your lounge has a square shape, you can put chairs across with a square table in the middle. With that, you will create a cozy space and atmosphere for your guests.

    Rectangle Lounge Arrangement 


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    If you have a rectangle-shaped lounge, the L type of corner sofa set will be functional and the right decision.

    • Rectangle table is more suitable for this type of decoration.

    Decorate Your Lounge

    Smart furniture is the most suitable for small lounges.

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    Instead of narrowing your lounge with large showcases and bookshelves, a functional TV unit will fit just fine!

    • When you have a quest, smart beds will save you from any issues.

    You may also choose smart tables since they are saving space and foldable.

    Color Harmony is Essential 


    Furniture should be assessed not only by shape but also with a color harmony with the house. By choosing the right color with a proper arrangement, even a small lounge will have a fresh and appealing atmosphere.


    You will take advantage of the elegance of lilac and the calmness of the glacier green.


    Tabs, carpet, throw pillows, and accessories should be in harmony.

    White furniture and a carpet with pastel tones would be beautiful.

    Toning Lounge with Doors and Windows  



    In lounge decoration, you can use colorful doors and windows to elevate your space.

    • In the example below, the space is cramped due to colorfulness. However, you should focus on doors and windows.

    Choose the Color of Your Walls Carefully before Arranging the Wares 

    For lounge decoration and choosing the wall color, the square meter calculation should be based on. In large lounges, even though there is no limit for colors, dark colors should be used excessively.

    The limit is for people who have small lounges. In a small space, choosing dark colors such as navy blue, claret red, and brown make the place smaller and stuffy than it looks. You will feel the freshness at your home if you choose the colors by regarding these.


    Wall Color Suggestions

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    Our suggestions of color for walls are pebble stone and ivory as for the accessories; lilac, powder pink, glacier green, and duck egg blue.

    If you combine these colors with white, cream, and beige furniture, space will be more stylish.

    If you color the walls with pebble stone, you may use powder pink, duck egg blue, sea green, tile red, and white for furniture and other wares to catch the color harmony.


    Salon Dekorasyonu- Contemporary Living Room

    Wallpaper as an Alternative 

    If you want to create lively walls with simple colors, you may choose colorful wallpapers with patterns.


    • Wallpapers give you an opportunity to create harmony with your furniture and other wares.


    Try Different Designs 

    Aside from coloring the walls, you may choose to create an alcove with led lights in it for the TV unit section or where you hang your paints.

    Create an elegant look in your lounge with 3D wall panels

    You can create an esthetic depth for your ceiling floor stretch ceiling designs which gives you a calm environment.

    Lightning is Essential

    The lighting in your lounge is crucial. You may create a radiant space with correct lightning products.

    • A chandelier at the ceiling led, and spotlights with floor lamps and lampshades would be the essential products to create an elegant lounge.



    Use Accessories on the Walls 

    Accessories are the complementary part of the decoration process. You instantly feel something is missing in a space without accessories.  For an appealing lounge decoration, there should be accessories on the walls. To complete the blank spaces on the walls;



    Paintings and mirrors immediately solve the problem. Also, you may use a heater in the shape of a painting. Thus you will also solve the heating problem with an elegant solution.

    You may choose to use decorative shelves to solve storing problem and fill the blank spaces on the walls.  A few big accessories make your space larger than it looks.


    Tips on Fresh Lounge Decoration 

    We can safely say that you should avoid using unnecessary stuff, your accessories should fit the walls and furniture. Lastly, you should care about the general color of your lounge.



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